R.A.V.E. Award

Stone | Dean has some of the finest legal assistants and support staff in the legal field. The Firm honors our best and brightest with the R.A.V.E. Award (Recognition Award for our Valued Employees) which we give on a quarterly basis.

The recipient must demonstrate an impeccable work performance record, a high degree of compassion and team play, as well as consistently being a great performer for the Firm. The recipient should be a very engaged employee with a positive attitude and willing to assist others. He or she should not only be a skilled and competent worker, but also highly committed to doing the best job he/she possibly can. The recipient should spend time and energy helping others to create a respectful, fun, creative and overall positive working environment for themselves and their team members.

The process of selecting our R.A.V.E. recipient is a combination of objective and subjective criteria, but is primarily based on peer review and nominations. The Firm asks our staff members to nominate those persons based on our Core Values. Attorneys are also asked to nominate staff members. In addition to the nominations, the recipient must have scored high on an anonymous survey given to employees, including our attorneys.

Stone | Dean’s Quarterly RAVE Award Honors Dana Leland and Nicole Montes!

Jointly demonstrating a commitment to excellence and our firm’s core values, Stone | Dean is proud to announce our RAVE Award winners for the last two quarters of 2019. Our 2019 Q2 winner is Dana Leland, legal assistant works primarily with Gregory E. Stone and Leslie Blozan.  Our Q2 winner is law clerk extraordinaire, who provides legal support wherever/whenever needed.   Both recipients received “rave” reviews from their peers:

2019 Q2 Winner: Dana Leland

Peer Praise for Dana:

“She is well-liked by her coworkers and is a leader.  She always has a smile on her face even when “totally buried.”  She is friendly to all, has a great sense of humor and is dedicated.”

“Dana is always professional and willing to help.  She is ready to assist right away and handles any situation.  She is confident in her work, always smiling, happy and wants to give advice and listen to ideas.”

“Dana adheres to the firm’s core values every day. Dana communicates well with both staff and attorneys with kindness and positivity. She always presents a smile on her face and is in high spirits even when she is flustered. Her positive attitude and professionalism is what makes her both a great employee and great person. If she does not know how to do something she will ask. If she sees that one of her coworkers is under some stress she will offer a lending hand wherever she can.”

“Deadlines and countless amounts of paperwork can be stressful, but Dana handles it with such enthusiasm and projects a smile on her face no matter what (even when a client is being [difficult] or [impolite] in an email.) I admire her professionalism and her willingness to help others in a time of need. I also respect the fact, like myself, we may not always know the answers or how to do certain things, but she will take the opportunity to ask questions and/or learn how to do it rather than “assign” someone else to do it.”

2019 Q3 Winner: Nicole Montes

Colleague Compliments for Nicole:

“Nicole goes above and beyond by taking initiative to pick up the slack of other support staff, whatever the task may be. Nicole consistently displays leadership by following up on various tasks (whether assigned to her or not) to make sure that the job gets done.  Nicole is always willing to help and never complains.  She NEVER has an attitude to the effect that something is not her job.  She consistently delivers high quality work.  She is a go-getter and completes tasks timely with excellent results.”

“Nicole is always a team player and strives to remain positive even in stressful situations. She takes pride in the work product she produces and always asks questions in order to ensure she is growing and learning. Nicole takes initiative by offering assistance to help the team meet deadlines and produce a superior work product. She takes her time to make sure the work she is doing is great and takes initiative to always learn new things.”

“Nicole is always first to offer her assistance when she sees a high stress situation or when she has a lighter workload. She requires minimal guidance and will pick up and immediately turn the task around. She also is eager to offer her assistance to those who are not as familiar with certain tasks.  Nicole is able to demonstrate leadership by taking on and successfully completing the tasks she has been requested to complete. When there is a task that’s been assigned to her that she is not as comfortable with, she seeks out guidance from other team members and attorneys to ensure she learns how to complete the task successfully.”

“Nicole always looks at the bright side of things and always has a smile on her face. If something was ever bothering her, you wouldn’t really know it.”