R.A.V.E. Award

Stone | Dean has some of the finest legal assistants and support staff in the legal field. The Firm honors our best and brightest with the R.A.V.E. Award (Recognition Award for our Valued Employees) which we give on a quarterly basis.

The recipient must demonstrate an impeccable work performance record, a high degree of compassion and team play, as well as consistently being a great performer for the Firm. The recipient should be a very engaged employee with a positive attitude and willing to assist others. He or she should not only be a skilled and competent worker, but also highly committed to doing the best job he/she possibly can. The recipient should spend time and energy helping others to create a respectful, fun, creative and overall positive working environment for themselves and their team members.

The process of selecting our R.A.V.E. recipient is a combination of objective and subjective criteria, but is primarily based on peer review and nominations. The Firm asks our staff members to nominate those persons based on our Core Values. Attorneys are also asked to nominate staff members. In addition to the nominations, the recipient must have scored high on an anonymous survey given to employees, including our attorneys.

Stone | Dean’s 2023 R.A.V.E. Awards Honor Alicia Gonzalez, Katrina Garcia and Kathy Lawson!

2023 has come with a lot of new additions and changes to Stone | Dean. As an “Essential Business”, Stone | Dean continues each day to operate in order to serve the needs of its clientele. Each and every Stone | Dean team member continues to excel in their contribution, but our team “raved” about three particular individuals who stood out in this past year: Staff members Alicia Gonzalez, Katrina Gonzalez and Kathy Lawson received numerous nominations and sky-high marks from staff and management alike.

2023 Winner: Alicia Gonzalez

Peer Praise for Alicia:

  • “Alicia is patient, reliable, adaptable, has great listening skills, provides effective feedback, and has positive team building skills.”
  • “Whether it is taking time to thoughtfully answer questions and address concerns of members of the firm, or lending a hand to co-workers who are in need, Alicia is the rock on which everyone leans. She is fair, firm, and no-nonsense.”
  • “She is incredibly efficient.  She is constantly positive, upbeat and a joy to work with.”
  • “She creates a “team approach” atmosphere in the firm that is not quantifiable, but definitely present. She even smiles when she is stressed.”

2023 Winner: Katrina Garcia

Peer Praise for Katrina:

  • “Katrina is loyal to this firm, both on and off the clock.  She is a highly committed and engaged employee.  She anticipates what needs to happen and takes care of it.”
  • “She is a professional and a team player. She goes way and beyond to help everyone at Stone | Dean LLP.”
  • “She has great communication, organization and leads by example… She is reliable and I know I can count on her to help in any way she can.”
  • “Katrina embodies the essence of effective communication within our team, consistently engaging in prompt and respectful exchanges that foster collaboration.”

2023 Winner: Kathy Lawson

Peer Praise for Kathy:

  • “Kathy strives to be of assistance to whomever might need it and maintains excellent communication on projects.”
  • “She is always willing to help with anything I ask, and I know I can trust her to get things done.”
  • “Whenever I have asked her for help me with a task, she is always eager to help and does so with a positive attitude. She is competent, smart, detail-oriented, organized and a team player.”
  • “She is always kind and professional in her communication.”