R.A.V.E. Award

Stone | Dean has some of the finest legal assistants and support staff in the legal field. The Firm honors our best and brightest with the R.A.V.E. Award (Recognition Award for our Valued Employees) which we give on a quarterly basis.

The recipient must demonstrate an impeccable work performance record, a high degree of compassion and team play, as well as consistently being a great performer for the Firm. The recipient should be a very engaged employee with a positive attitude and willing to assist others. He or she should not only be a skilled and competent worker, but also highly committed to doing the best job he/she possibly can. The recipient should spend time and energy helping others to create a respectful, fun, creative and overall positive working environment for themselves and their team members.

The process of selecting our R.A.V.E. recipient is a combination of objective and subjective criteria, but is primarily based on peer review and nominations. The Firm asks our staff members to nominate those persons based on our Core Values. Attorneys are also asked to nominate staff members. In addition to the nominations, the recipient must have scored high on an anonymous survey given to employees, including our attorneys.

Stone | Dean’s 2020 R.A.V.E. Awards Honor Judy Brown, Alvaro Zambrano and Sue Feffer!

2020 has been a challenge to all businesses and the human toll has been staggering. As an “Essential Business”, Stone | Dean continued to operate through these dark days to serve the needs of its clientele. Each and every Stone | Dean team member excelled in their contribution, but our team “raved” about three particular individuals who stood out in the crisis: Staff members Judy Brown, our Staff Supervisor, and Alvaro Zambrano, our Assistant Controller, received numerous nominations and sky-high marks from staff and management alike. This year we also honored senior attorney Sue Feffer, Leader of the Stone | Dean Mentor Program with a 2020 Attorney Mentor Award.

2020 Winner: Judy Brown

Peer Praise for Judy:

“Judy encourages everyone at the firm and helps us to see the humor in otherwise situations. This helps us maintain the ‘positive, productive and enjoyable work environment’ that I love at Stone | Dean!”

“Judy has asked me more times than I can count: “What can I do to help?”

“Judy cares about each member of our team. She recognizes the talents we each possess and coordinates those talents to the benefit of the firm as a whole.”

“Judy Brown keeps us organized and on track with our common goals. She has strength and determination, while being cognizant of those around her. She knows how to bring the best out of people for the success of the firm, but also for the individual success of the individuals.”

“She works as hard as she does because that is who she is—she is not looking for recognition or accolades.”

2020 Winner: Alvaro Zambrano

Peer Praise for Alvaro:

“Alvaro is hardworking, respectful, willing to help and does it with a smile. He is focused and calm, supportive and a great team player.”

“Alvaro adheres to the firm’s Core Values because he treats every person with respect, positivity and lends a hand to anyone who needs it.”

“Alvaro is a true leader. He is the firm “go-to man” for problem solving. No task is too small or too complicated to take on. He does not perform duties for a ‘gold star’ at the end. He does them in order to make our lives easier and less stressful.”

“Alvaro quietly and efficiently handles so many things for the firm that it would be impossible to list them all. His job description has expand in the Year of COVID and he has risen to the challenges.”

2020 Attorney Mentor Award Winner: Sue Feffer

Peer Praise for Sue:

“Sue is a good communicator. She offers advice from years of experience and is always accessible.”

“Sue teaches by allowing us to take our own road to problem-solving, while making sure we take the best possible route to achieve the end-goal.”

“It is amazing to me that a person can be so nice, yet so effective in the litigation field. I am learning a great deal from her.”

From management: “Over the firm’s history, we have had many exceptional attorneys who zealously and efficiently represent our clients in litigation matters. Sue is unquestionably one of those individuals; but she also has something that many do not. She has the desire and the skill set to teach others in a safe and supportive way.”