Commercial Subrogation and Recovery

Stone | Dean’s Commercial Subrogation and Recovery Team offers a full range of subrogation services to all types of business entities ranging in size from large self-insured entities and nationwide insurance companies providing recovery for auto accidents and homeowner policy losses and product liability to small owner-managed businesses who are owed money from contracts. Our paralegals and lawyers use various proven recovery techniques including investigation, written demands and litigation. We enforce judgments when necessary to recover under applicable California commercial recovery statutes. In some circumstances we are also able to enforce judgments entered in other states, and in certain contract disputes, attempt pre-judgment writs of attachments to protect our creditor clients’ rights to collect against debtor assets.

Commercial Subrogation and Recovery Client Services:

  • Subrogation Litigation
  • Contract Recovery
  • Promissory Note Collection
  • Default Judgments and Prove-Up Hearings
  • Judgment Debtor Examinations

  • Writs of Attachment, Garnishment, Execution
  • Prejudgment Writs of Attachment
  • Automobile Accidents
  • Homeowner Policies and Product Liability
  • Automobile Defect and Product Liability Recovery