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Stone | Dean is a Los Angeles law firm dedicated to solving problems. We offer a full-range of legal and business services to California entrepreneurs, employers, retail stores, grocery chains, transportation companies, insurance professionals, security guards, and law enforcement. We serve clients facing a wide-array of issues involving business planning and formation, business litigation, trust and probate litigation, employment counseling and litigation, insurance analysis and coverage litigation, transportation and logistics, and security and premises issues. Read More

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“No!”  This is the simple answer to whether businesses should force employees to sign COVID-19 liability waivers before returning to the workplace.   Months after our national economy ground to a halt, some parts of the country are returning to work.  Some employers have attempted to insulate themselves from tort liability for COVID-19 related infections by …

Earlier today, the Supreme Court declared that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“CRA”) protects LGBTQ employees from workplace discrimination. In what is hailed as a major victory for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer workers, the justices said the CRA’s ban on job discrimination on the basis of “sex” can be read to forbid …

Predictably, and understandably, the news has been dominated by the significant social, health, and economic, challenges facing our Nation. As such, not much attention has been paid to the progression of AB5. As businesses return to their “new normal,” it is important to revisit this issue. California Assembly Bill 5 (also known as CA AB …

As certain states and localities allow for certain businesses to reopen, concerns are being raised by business owners on whether opening too early (or at all) will subject them to corona virus related litigation from patrons, employees, and vendors.   Attempts to address these concerns are being addressed at the federal level, with efforts to create …

Businesses throughout the nation are struggling to survive in the new environment of closures, social distancing and lock-downs. The loss of income is catastrophic to the business owners and employees alike.  One potential source of funds is through business insurance, a source probably never intended for the claims now being made. The American Property Casualty …

A series of class action lawsuits have been initiated against certain insurers who have denied business interruption claims filed by their insureds.   In each case, the businesses – which include bakeries, taverns, restaurants, nightclubs and bridal retailers –  allege they paid premiums to the insurance companies for business interruption insurance for situations where they could …

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