Stone | Dean’s Firm Summer Event 2018

This year for our annual summer event, Stone | Dean’s team of staff and attorneys attended a taping of the popular game show The Price is Right. Our group of sixteen enjoyed a visit to the CBS Studios in Los Angeles, where we got to watch a filming of an upcoming episode. Our visit to the studio was followed by an incredible dinner at Della Terra Restaurant, a local Italian eatery.

You’ll have to catch the episode premiering on October 15th to see if anyone from our firm got to “come on down” but attorney Gregg Garfinkel had a chance to talk with host Drew Carrey, and being a part of the enthusiastic studio audience was a win on its own!

Our hands were sore from clapping and our voices were hoarse from cheering; a true sign of a how much fun we had. The Price is Right was a unique experience for the attendees, as many members of our group had never been part of a studio audience before. If you are local to Los Angeles, we recommend a trip to The Price is Right!

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