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Last December, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) adopted amendments to the Model Act. If enacted by individual states, these amendments will result in significant changes to anti-rebating laws that were first established in 1887. Here’s what brokers and insurers need to know moving forward. [Read full article at]

On November 30, 2020, California voters approved Proposition 22 which was a statewide – and fiercely fought – ballot initiative which redefines the employment status of gig workers in the app-based economy.  Last month, a lawsuit was filed by a number of unions seeking to have the California Supreme Court declare the proposition unconstitutional.  Specifically, …

In light of the passing of Proposition 22 in California, both Uber and Lyft have petitioned the California Court of Appeals for the First Appellate District to reconsider its decision upholding an injunction requiring the ride-hailing companies to classify their drivers as employees. Specifically, the ride share companies have asserted that the California voter approval …

You may have noticed a recent onslaught of television and radio ads regarding Proposition 22, which will appear on California ballots in the upcoming November election.  Proposition 22’s stated goal is to exempt ride-sharing and food-delivery companies from the Assembly Bill 5 gig worker law that was passed in September 2019, meaning Uber and Lyft …

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