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When a Stranger Calls, They Could Be Scamming You By Marleigh Green If you own a phone—especially if you own a business—you’ve probably gotten a call from a telemarketer. Telemarketers, in-large-part, are harmless salespeople; however, in recent times, diabolical schemes have been drawn-up by nefarious folks using a telemarketing-system. While telemarketing scams have existed for …

New Tax Due-Dates for 2017 Our friend Stephen Landsman, CPA at SquarMilner, shares with us some very important information regarding this year’s taxes. Read below for a quick synopsis or find the full newsletter & article here. Thanks Stephen! New Tax Due-Dates in 2017: January 31st for Form W-2 & Form 1099-MISC for employer/payer filing. No …