Tax Due Dates 2017


New Tax Due-Dates for 2017

Our friend Stephen Landsman, CPA at SquarMilner, shares with us some very important information regarding this year’s taxes. Read below for a quick synopsis or find the full newsletter & article here. Thanks Stephen!

New Tax Due-Dates in 2017:

  • January 31st for Form W-2 & Form 1099-MISC for employer/payer filing. No longer February 28th as in years previous
  • March 15th for Partnership & Limited Liability Company Tax Returns. No longer April 15th as in years previous
  • Individual & S-Corporation tax return due-dates remain unchanged, Tax Day falls on April 18th this year
  • April 15th for C-Corporation Tax Returns. No longer March 15th as in years previous
  • April 15th is also the due date for Trust Tax Returns

Due Dates for California

  • April 15th for Single-Member LLCs (if single-member is an individual)
  • March 15th if the single-member is a partnership or an S-Corporation
  • April 15th is also the due-date for CA LLCs to pay their annual LLC tax ($800)
  • June 15th for CA LLCs to pay their gross-receipts fee

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