Legal Recap, January 2017

January Legal Recap

A round-up of the some of the most important updates in law and business from California and around the country.

By Matthew Harvey, Marketing Coordinator

Business —

1) The Kroger Company to add 10,000 permanent positions, reports 3% 2016 workforce growth

2) Department of Health reports 28% of Affordable Care Act customers identify as Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

3) The US Officially withdraws participation in Trans-Pacific Partnership

4) CA Salons now fully-permitted to serve beer-and-wine to clients without liquor license

5) President promises “major” border tax on companies moving from US; says business regulations to be be cut 75%

6) Executive Order introduced seeking reduction of federal regulations — “2-for-1” rule; does not apply to most Obama Administration financial reform rules


Employment —

1) CA Supreme Court rules employers must relieve employees of all duties during breaks; no “on-call” rest or meal breaks

2) Commission on Health & Safety and Worker’s Compensation creates new packet of materials that can be used for CA Small Business Safety Training

3) Chris Dolan on maximizing paid-time-off when having a child


Insurance —

1) Rate challenges from Prop 103 save CA Consumers $246 Million in 2016; Consumer Watchdog groups say insurance industry gearing up to fight consumer participation

2) CA Supreme Court unanimously upholds Insurance Commissioner regulations protecting home owners from being underinsured (For now)


Home Sweet Home: California & Los Angeles Updates —

1) LA County reports record number of tourists in 2016

2) CA Bill bans State-Funded/Sponsored travel to 4 States with Anti-LGBTQ Laws

3) Bay-Area Senator introduces bill to remove real-estate developmental restrictions in cities that don’t meet housing goals set by state

4) CA Prohibits all phone usage while behind-the-wheel

5) Eviction Defense Network sues tenant, AirBnB claiming violation of LA Rental Laws

6) January’s rainstorms cause Jerry Brown to declare State of Emergency in LA County; survey goes online to collect property damage information


Law Enforcement —

1) Senate Bill SB21 Would require Police to submit to Surveillance Use Policy when acquiring & using Surveillance Technology

2) CA Appeals Court tosses out law banning Grand Juries from probing Police Shootings


Legal Updates —

1) Attorney-Client privilege of CA Attorney invoices now depends on litigation status

2) Arizona Senator introduces legislation aiming at breaking up “oversized and overworked” 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals in 9 States

3) AI Attorneys? Study to be conducted in New Zealand on Artificial Intelligence’s effect on law & morality

4) California court rules against requirement for Plaintiffs to advance Defendant’s legal expenses

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