The Apple and the Tree


The Apple and the Tree…

Stone | Dean is proud to announce our newest firm intern, Ben Garfinkel, son of S|D Partner Gregg Garfinkel, Esq.

From playing catch in the yard to working together in the same office, it seems that the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree. With a plan to one day attend law school and follow in the professional footsteps of his mom and dad, Ben will be acquiring some real-world experience working in a law firm at only 14 years-old.

I sat down with Ben & Gregg to see how they felt about working together at Stone | Dean…

“Thanks for taking some time to talk with me Ben & Gregg! Firstly Ben, I have to ask: On a scale of 1-10, how nervous are you about your Dad embarrassing you around the office with Dad-jokes?”

Ben: I’d say a 10. He likes to embarrass me sometimes.

“I bet! That’s just what dads do. I might get in trouble for asking this, but what kind of dad would you say Gregg is? Is he a fun dad, a cool dad, a strict dad…?”

Ben: He’s a chill dad. But at the same time if you don’t do what he tells you he will let you know in a rather loud tone.

“Gregg, what’s Ben’s reward for coming to work here for you at the firm? Dodger game? Ice Cream?”

Gregg: Working with me is its own reward! But if he does a good job and is a benefit to the firm then there might be a little surprise for him at the end of the summer.

“Is this your first working experience, Ben?”

Ben: This is my first professional experience.  However, I’ve also worked as a baseball umpire at Northridge Little League.

“There are definitely no face masks in office work! Gregg, what would you say are the most valuable skills Ben can develop by working here at the S|D office?”

Gregg: To see the real life of a lawyer, warts and all. You know, when you get to law school they don’t exactly show you where the courthouse is or tell you what a deposition is… so it’s important for him to be able to get these experiences and see all the nuts and bolts of practicing law.

“Do you have any plans for the future, Ben? We know you aspire to become an attorney, but how do you plan on getting there?”

Ben: Well at the moment I just plan on keeping up my grades in high school and eventually go to UCSD.

“Any specific reasons for UCSD?”

Ben: UCSD has got great prelaw and marine biology programs, both subjects I’d really like to study.

“What do you think of Ben’s future plans to go in to law, Gregg?”

Gregg: Personally, I would prefer that he became a doctor. However, I have no doubt that whatever career path he pursues, he will excel.

“Now this question’s for both of you: What’s your favorite non-work related thing to do together?”

Ben: Probably fishing. Dad likes to take us salt-water fishing out of Ventura or San Diego. We usually catch rockfish, tuna, yellowtail, and white seabass. It is great bonding time.

Gregg: Either fishing or watching him play baseball. Ben currently plays for his High School team at my old Alma Mater so when I saw him wear the uniform for the first time it got me a little misty-eyed. We do a lot together, though.. baseball games, eat sushi, go to concerts.. It’s great that we have a lot of the same interests.

“Well thank you two very much for sitting down with me. I’m sure this will be a great learning experience and we are excited to work with you, Ben!”

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