Garfinkel Speaks on Effective Communication During Grieving Process


Partner, Gregg S. Garfinkel is on the Alumni Speaking Board of Our House Grief Support Group of Woodland Hills. On January 28, 2020, Gregg spoke to a group of first year medical students from the USC Keck School of Medicine regarding effective communication techniques to utilize when dealing with patients,  families, and caregivers dealing with terminal illnesses. The goal of the presentation was to make medical care providers more effective and empathetic communicators. A poignant point of discussion occurred at the conclusion of the presentation, when a student asked whether (personally) there was a preferred way of being greeted/treated after a loss of a loved one and whether statements such as “I’m so sorry for your loss,” “my condolences,” or “what can I do for you” were well received.  Mr. Garfinkel responded that “while any acknowledgment of a loss is well-received and appreciated, the most meaningful was “I am so sorry for your loss, would talking about it make you feel better.”   Judging from the student’s questions and dialogue, these future doctors will be effective communicators to those needing it the most.

Our House Grief Support Group has locations in Woodland Hills, West Los Angeles, and Mid-City (Koreatown).

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