Nothing Fishy About This Presentation


In addition to being one of the nation’s foremost experts on transportation law, Stone | Dean partner Gregg S. Garfinkel is an avid saltwater fisherman. For many years, he has preached (and practiced) the importance of practicing “catch and release” when fishing for many species, including California’s own, Calico Bass. He, along with his two sons, resurrected a group called “Calico Conservation,” whose mission is to inform the fishing public of the importance and fragility of California’s Calico Bass fishery. Gregg likes to say that the purpose of Calico Conservation is “to inform and educate without judgment.”” On March 9, 2022, Gregg was the guest speaker at the Turner Outdoors Rod and Reel Club, where he provided an overview of Calico Conservation and of the importance of the Calico Bass to our state’s fishery and economy.

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