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Gregg Garfinkel’s War Story of the Missing Mickey Mantle Baseball Card Specially Featured in Super Lawyers – Southern California 2018 Super Lawyers Editor-in-Chief, Erik Lundegaard, interviewed Gregg Garfinkel, Esq. following his video War Stories with Garf. Their conversation regarding a $400,000 baseball card claim was chronicled in the latest Super Lawyers Magazine for Southern California, which you can find here: http://digital.superlawyers.com/superlawyers/lxsl18/MobilePagedReplica.action?pm=2&folio=24#pg24 Gregg Garfinkel, …

War Stories with Garf — Missing Baseball Card Collection (The One Big Lie) Starring Gregg Garfinkel & Matthew Harvey Gregg recounts a case involving a vintage baseball card collection supposedly lost by a transportation company on its way to Florida. Watch the video on YouTube or below (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UE69uqJ5K8) Full Video Transcript: Hey Garf, how’s it …