Gregg Garfinkel Featured in Super Lawyers Magazine


Gregg Garfinkel’s War Story of the Missing Mickey Mantle Baseball Card Specially Featured in Super Lawyers – Southern California 2018

moving-claims-transportation_gregg-garfinkel_quote-super-lawyers (2)Super Lawyers Editor-in-Chief, Erik Lundegaard, interviewed Gregg Garfinkel, Esq. following his video War Stories with Garf. Their conversation regarding a $400,000 baseball card claim was chronicled in the latest Super Lawyers Magazine for Southern California, which you can find here:

Gregg Garfinkel, Partner, is one of the transportation industry’s preeminent defenders. He’s amassed a trove of War Stories through representing some of the nation’s largest moving and storage companies in thousands of cargo loss claims and lawsuits. You can read more about Gregg and find his full bio here:


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