Kori Macksoud Passes Bar Exam


Exciting News for Kori Macksoud

We are pleased and privileged to announce that Kori Macksoud passed the California Bar Examination on November 17th, 2017. Kori was officially sworn in on December 1st, making her the most recent addition to Stone | Dean’s team of excellent attorneys. Find photos of her swearing in below.

Kristi Dean, Managing Partner, said, “Kori has worked for us since August of 2014, where she has demonstrated excellent work ethics. She will be fine lawyer!”

Kori began at Stone | Dean as a Case Assistant, moving up to the Law Clerk position in a matter of weeks. She graduated cum laude from the West Los Angeles School of Law, in the top 10% of her graduating class. 49.6% of lawyer hopefuls passed the bar examination in July.

On Kori’s success, Gregg Garfinkel, Partner, said, “It is the student, not the school, that determines one’s success on the bar exam. Given what I have seen of Kori’s work ethic and passion for the law, I am not surprised that she was successful on her first attempt.”

On learning the news, Kori said, “I’m excited to start this new chapter in my career, and am so grateful to Stone | Dean for giving me practical experience in law. It is an honor and a privilege to work with, and learn from, such a fine group of attorneys. I look forward to being a resource for our clients.”

For Kori, and all that passed the bar exam, Gregory Stone, Founding Partner, had this to say: “Remember while the practice of law is a business, it is a profession first and foremost. Never take it or your clients for granted and never forget how hard you worked to become a lawyer.”

We congratulate Kori and everyone else who passed.



Kori-Macksoud-Passes-CA-Bar-Exam_Kori-Signing_Stone-Dean-Law Kori-Macksoud-Passes-CA-Bar-Exam_Judge-Signing_Stone-Dean-Law


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