Ticket Platform Stubs Toe with Covid Refund Policy


StubHub has been ordered to refund over $8.5 million to customers who purchased tickets under the company’s pre-pandemic refund policy for events that were canceled because of COVID-19.  StubHub initially refused to pay refunds to consumers for concerts, sports and other events that were canceled by the pandemic.

Under its ‘FanProtect Guarantee,’ StubHub typically offered consumers full refunds of the purchase price and fees they paid for tickets if their events were canceled.  However in March 2020, following the mass-cancellation of entertainment events, StubHub stopped honoring its refund guarantee and instead told its customers that they would receive account credits equal to 120% of their purchases to be used for future events and denied their requests for refunds.

StubHub ultimately reversed its decision in May 2021 after coordinated multi-state investigations were underway. The settlement reached compensates those who were impacted before StubHub reverted to its stated pre-Covid policy.

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