Topps Story: Son Sues Mom Over Baseball Cards


A 55 year old Manhattan man is suing his 82 year old mother for the loss of potentially valuable baseball cards.   The plaintiff (i.e., ungrateful son) says that the cards — a 1953 Topps Ralph Kiner and a 1953 Topps Satchel Paige — could be worth more than $25,000.   He further alleges that his mother bought him the cards as a gift in the mid 1980s, but has refused to hand them over despite his repeated requests.    Plaintiff’s mother was flabbergasted by the familial filing.  “Are you serious? He filed a case against me in Manhattan Supreme Court?”  She insisted that her son gave the cards to her as a gift in the mid- 1990s, since she was a “huge fan of Satchell Paige.”  She further indicated that she keeps them in protective acrylic holders, locked in a safe and takes them out to look at them every few weeks.  While the result of this litigation is uncertain, it is safe to say that there won’t be any family gatherings in the near future.

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